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Product name: Methylurea

Other name: N-Methylurea reagent grade, N-monomethylurea; 1-Methylurea; N-Methylurea; N-METHYLUREA; MONO METHYLUREA
CAS No.: 598-50-5
Melting point: 98℃
Molecular weight: 74.08
Molecular formula: C2H6N2O
Package of Methylurea: 25kg/cardboard drum.

Usage of Methylurea: Used in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical industry



Methylurea1 Methylurea2


Q1:What is your company strength?

A1: We have more than 20 years of experience in chemical industry. With good cooperation factories and we have strict quality control system.

Q2:How do you treat quality complaint?
A:We have the Procedures for handling customer complaints, follows:
1.1The sales department is responsible for the collection of customer complaint information and the handling of customer complaints due to non-intrinsic quality of the product; The collected complaint information shall be transmitted to the quality control department in a timely manner. The quality management department is responsible for the handling of product quality complaints. The handlers should have rich professional knowledge and work experience and be able to objectively evaluate customers’ opinions.
1.2 All customer comments shall be promptly forwarded to the customer complaint handler, and no one else shall handle them without authorization.
1.3Upon receipt of a customer complaint, the handler shall immediately find out the cause of the complaint, evaluate it, determine the nature and type of the problem, and take timely measures to deal with it.
1.4When responding to customers, the processing opinions should be clear, the language or tone should be moderate, so that customers understand and easy to accept as the principle.
2File customer complaint records
2.1All customer complaints should be recorded in written form, including product name, batch number, complaint date, complaint method, complaint reason, treatment measures, treatment results, etc.
2.2Maintain trend analysis of customer complaints. If there are any adverse trends, identify root causes and take appropriate corrective actions.
2.3Records of customer complaints and other relevant information shall be filed and kept.

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