Sodium cumenesulfonate

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Product name: Sodium cumenesulfonate

Purity: 98% and 40%

CAS NO.: 28348-53-0
Molecular weight: 222.24
Molecular formula: C9H11NaO3S
Packing of Sodium Cumenesulfonate : 225kg/ barrel or 25kg/drum

Usage of Sodium Cumenesulfonate:  used as a solvent of nonionic surfactants in alkaline system, which can effectively improve the stability and solubility of the system.

sodium cumenesulfinate

Sodium cumenesulfonate1 Sodium cumenesulfonate 2

Other name of Sodium cumenesulfonate:

Sodium 2-phenyl-2-propanesulfonate
Cumenesulfonic acid sodium salt,isomer mixture
Benzenemethanesulfonic acid, α,α-dimethyl-, sodium salt (1:1)
Ar-cumenesulfonic acid,sodium salt
(1-methylethyl)-benzenesulfonic acid,sodium salt,mixture of
Einecs 248-983-7
Sodium cumene sulphatee
Sodium cumene sulfonate 10g

Q1:What is the production capacity of the plant?
A1: It is about 150 tons per month.

Q2:Do you provide the spec? What does it content?
A2: Yes, we have Quality Control Department to test the materials for every batch. The item is different with the product. And we will issue the certificate of analyse report for each order to guarantee our quality

Q3: Do bulk deliveries could be designated label?
A2Yes. Customer could appoint shipping company and container, confirmed packing form and label.

Q4: How is it ensured that your production materials are only purchased from approved suppliers?
A3: The quality department will issue a list of qualified suppliers approved by the general manager once a year, the purchasing department will purchase according to this list. The suppliers should be reviewed by the quality department. Off-list is refused to enter the factory.

Q5: How could we know whether your quality could meet our requirements or not?

A7:If you could provide your spec, our technician will check whether our quality could meet your requirments or customize it for you. We could also provide our TDS, MSDS, etc for you check. And the third party inspection is acceptable, At last, we could recommend you some of our customers who use the same chemical.


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